During the First Year

During the First Year/Years after Your Child’s Passing:

The first year is often the most painful, and you never know when something will stir a memory, bring back an image, or leave you reeling for support.  This section will give you ideas to become an actively engaged, to help you direct the emotional flow and be an active participant in your remembrance.

  1. Learning Torah/inspirational or values based idea together as a family (possibly a section of Torah or a value that was special to your child).
  2. Make a memory book: Collect pictures and other memories that can be included in the book. (One can use the online companies to create a book of pictures together written memories). This is a nice project for siblings to be involved. One large book can be made for the family. In addition smaller books for each sibling is very important for them to share and keep their own individual memories.
  3. Create a video that can be shared with family and close friends (which can be shown on a birthday or Yahrzeit). This also can be a very meaningful project for siblings to work on together.
  4. Is there a project that will be comforting to work on as a family – a special way perpetuate the memory of your child? Many have found working on such projects comforting and helpful.

What did you do during the first year to meaningfully mark your child’s/sibling’s passing?  Tell us in the comments below. 

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During the First Year

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