Personal Reflections on Loss

An Encounter with Yizkor

I can clearly remember the moment when I finally joined the club that I had dreaded joining for years; when I found myself remaining in Shul to recite the prayer of Yizkor for the first time. Hesitantly, I waited with trepidation to experience the power of this first Yizkor …only […]

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“How are You, Racheli?”: A Poignant Interview with Racheli Frankel

At the beginning of the year, a strange dog suddenly appeared at the Frankel home. Racheli remembers that the veterinarian warned them that he had an aggressive nature, but her seven children became extremely attached to him, named him “Opeh,” and decided he was nice. Last July, shortly before lighting […]

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A Permanent Tear: On The Loss Of A Child

What does the Torah, our most sacred text, teach us about the traumatic and heart wrenching death: the loss of a child? When Jacob’s children go down to Egypt in search of sustenance they unexpectedly come face to face with their long-lost brother Joseph. But they don’t recognize him. Joseph, […]

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