Jewish Wisdom on Child Loss

Broken Lives and Broken Tablets

One of the most dramatic scenes in the Torah is when Moses descends Mount Sinai and sees the Jewish people dancing around the golden calf. Moses takes the two tablets he is holding in his hands and thrusts them to ground, shattering them. The divine gift of the tablets etched […]

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Discovering a Close Friend in God

The Torah portion of Bo opens when God commands Moses to go to Egypt and speak to Pharaoh. Many point out the difficulty with this simple word – bo, ‘come’, in this context. The phrase literally translates as “Come to Pharaoh.” The more appropriate word to use would be “lech”, […]

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A Permanent Tear: On The Loss Of A Child

What does the Torah, our most sacred text, teach us about the traumatic and heart wrenching death: the loss of a child? When Jacob’s children go down to Egypt in search of sustenance they unexpectedly come face to face with their long-lost brother Joseph. But they don’t recognize him. Joseph, […]

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