Comforting the Bereaved

What Is Written On His Tombstone

He was affectionately known as the ‘Righteous One’ of Jerusalem. In the early years of the State of Israel, Rabbi Aryeh Levin zt”l (1885-1969) was renowned for his exceptional kindness and boundless acts of love for people from all walks of life. Even in the final days prior to his […]

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A Sibling’s Pain: On the Loss of a Sister or Brother

A parent burying a child is without question one of the harshest blows that one can experience in life. It is a kind of loss that stands in its own category. Often, not only a parent feels the immense pain of loss when a child passes. The loss of a […]

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Starbucks and the Lesson of Jacob’s Pillow

The sun is setting and Jacob rests his head after a harrowing day. He is fleeing from his brother Esau. In an open field Jacob gathers stones and makes a pillow of sorts so he can sleep before moving on in the morning. Amazingly, the Midrash describes a “fight” that breaks out […]

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An Unforgettable Visit with Abraham

Abraham receives a special visitor in his home. Three days after the painful procedure of circumcision God comes to visit Abraham. What does God say to Abraham? What is His message at this significant time? Strangely the verse only says that God ‘appears’ to Abraham (Genesis 18:1). There is no command. […]

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