Remembering Everyday

Carrying the Memory with you Always:

Carrying the memories of a loved one sometimes gives one the strength to face the challenges of the day, each and every day.  Look here to find ways others hold onto those memories on a daily or weekly basis. Please share yours with us as well.

Ways We Remember in the Everyday:

  1. I place my Shabbat candles in the shape of the first letter of my son’s name
  2. I wear silly bands every day since my son passed away- he was obsessed with them at the time he suddenly passed away
  3. When I put my children to bed each night, each of them say  “I love you Johnny* ” up to my son.
  4. I Carry something of theirs with me on a key chain, in my wallet, or in my bag
  5. Wishing them “good morning” and/or “good night”
  6. Share stories of you or their siblings with them in a memory Journal
  7. Give a nominal amount of Charity or do a specific good deed (greeting people with a smile) in their memory daily

Article: One Mother’s Approach to Remembering her daughter  



Please COMMENT below and SHARE the way you remember your loved one on a daily basis.

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