“How are You, Racheli?”: A Poignant Interview with Racheli Frankel

At the beginning of the year, a strange dog suddenly appeared at the Frankel home.

Racheli remembers that the veterinarian warned them that he had an aggressive nature, but her seven children became extremely attached to him, named him “Opeh,” and decided he was nice. Last July, shortly before lighting struck her world, she went out with the dog to the green fields surrounding Nof Ayalon. “I drove and Opeh ran beside the car,” she remembers. “Then suddenly he stood up straight by the window and beat it with his paws. I told him, ‘Hey, you didn’t get your exercise yet’ but he insisted on coming inside, and then he suddenly turned towards the fields and disappeared. We searched for him that entire night in every crevice and along every path that leads to our community. The children put up dozens of signs with his photo, but the dog had disappeared without a trace.”

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