Light One Candle

“Light one candle for the strength that we need”

“Light one candle for those who are suffering”    (‘Light one Candle’, Chanukah Song)

On the fifth night of Chanukah a unique Menorah lighting was held a few hundred meters from Tzomet HaGush. Exactly three weeks after the murder of Ezra Schwartz H”YD families, friends and soldiers gathered to light a Menorah in his memory: in the very place he did chesed and very close to where he was killed.

The night was made meaningful with the participation of Machon Kemach, a new men’s yeshiva, who volunteered to construct a unique menorah for the event. Rabbi Yishai Fleisher offered words of strength and shared memories from the precious life of Ezra who was brutally taken from us. Rabbi Shimshin Nadel led the evening with uplifting holiday songs.

The gathering took on a special spirit when a new group of soldiers who had just arrived to be stationed at Oz VeGaon participated in the lighting of the menorah and the dancing and singing following the kindling of the lights.

The event was coordinated and sponsored by the ‘In Our Hearts Project’: a new initiative helping families that have lost children. The Rabbinical Council of America ( RCA) shared their support of the event.

The Menorah lighting was meant to send a message of comfort to family and friends who are shocked and shaken by this tragic loss of life; letting all know that the Jewish people remain with you in your pain.

We will never forget Ezra Schwartz. We will never forget that he was in the Gush to help others and to share kindness. We will never forget that he died sanctifying the name of Hashem. Ezra will remain forever in our hearts.

May we continue to bring blessing in Ezra’s memory and bring Ezra’s enduring light to the world.

“Light one candle for the Maccabee children

With thanks that their light didn’t die

Light one candle for the pain they endured

When the right to exist was denied”

“Don’t let the light go out”

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