Annual Remembrances:Birthdays/Yahrzeits/Holidays

Moments Throughout the Year

Certain days in the calendar are harder than others; Birthdays, Yahrzeits (the anniversary of the passing), and Holidays, stand out as potentially painful moments in the year.  Here we’ll provide you with suggestions to harness the emotions of these moments and use them to build your connection and love to the deceased.

Yahrzeit/Annual Remembrance Days:

  1. It is traditional to visit the grave of your loved one
  2. Many give charity on the day
  3. Many will spend extra time as a family looking at photos/videos and sharing memories
  4. Some will volunteer on that day in memory of loved ones

Remembering on Their Birthday:

Article: For one mother’s approach see Sherri Mandell’s article – Birthday for the Bereaved 


  1. Buying presents on the birthday of your child and giving it out to others in need.
  2. Go together as a family to a place especially meaningful to your child and spend family time together
  3. Eat your child’s favorite foods
  4. Go together as a family to perform an act of charity together (packaging food, volunteering at a soup kitchen)

Remembering During the Holidays:

Here are 8 ways to remember a loved one over Chanukah  



What did you do to remember your child/sibling on their Birthday or Yahrzeit?  How did you handle the holiday season with out them?  Tell us in the comments below. 

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